Form a California LLC

The owners of the LLC are called members. The members are the LLC equivalent of corporate shareholders. Rather than shares, these members have membership interests. The members enter into an Operating Agreement which governs the LLC and the member’s rights and responsibilities. The Operating Agreement is the LLC equivalent of corporate bylaws. An LLC Operating Agreement can generally be viewed as allowing a high degree of flexibility in structuring member financial interests in comparison to an S Corporation.

California Private Retirement Plan and Trust – Planning Opportunities

The success of an estate plan, tax and business plan, retirement plan and asset protection plan requires that it be well designed, fully integrated with other business planning and timely and properly implemented. Since 1978, as a founding and senior partner at Stephens & Kray, and former managing partner of the national law firm, Finley, Kumble Wagner, et al., I have been designing proprietary and sophisticated estate, tax and business, retirement and asset protection plans that have been tested and evaluated by partners, successors, and creditor claimants, that include the IRS, the FTC, judgment business creditors and banks.